What are studios?

At Flourish, we’ve reimagined the learning space with studios instead of traditional classrooms.

Our school comprises four distinct mixed-age studios. The magic at Flourish is stirred by this “Mixed Age” ingredient, fueling a unique learning dynamic.

In these studios, the magic of peer-to-peer learning takes flight as our learners interact and collaborate with other learners of varied ages – just like in the real world.

Discover our four studios:

Spark Studio
A fusion of Montessori and Play-based methods, Spark is tailored for our budding heroes aged 3 – 7.

Elementary Studio
The Elementary Studio, catering to learners aged 6 – 11, is a hive of curiosity and growth.

Middle School Studio
Serving those aged 10 – 14, this studio lays the foundation for deeper inquiry.

The Launchpad studio prepares our older heroes, aged 14 – 18, for their next great adventure.

Spark Studio

Ages 3 – 7,  Timings are from 9 AM to 1 PM

At the Spark Studio, our mission is:

  • To cultivate academic, physical, and emotional autonomy using developmentally tailored activities inspired by the teachings of Maria Montessori
  • To ignite a love for learning with hands-on experiences and engaging play-based tasks
  • To prepare our learners for their future endeavours by embracing the principles of the Hero’s Journey philosophy.

A Day in the Life of the Spark Studio

A day at Spark Studio will be a vibrant blend of structured learning and free-spirited exploration. As you step into our space, you’ll be met with an atmosphere that will encourage learners to move confidently, allowing their innate inquisitiveness to guide them.

Mornings will be reserved for our Montessori-inspired Work Cycle, where each learner will immerse themselves in diverse challenges scattered throughout the studio, all within the framework of Maria Montessori’s guiding principle of ‘freedom within boundaries’.

As the day progresses into the afternoon, the energy will shift to Spark Play, an outdoor-centered activity session with loose-parts play. Here, imagination will reign supreme: some learners might be fervently constructing play structures, and others might be engrossed in the simple joy of picking veggies and herbs from our vegetable garden or discovering new insects.

Each day at Spark Studio will be a beautiful interplay of structure and spontaneity, ensuring holistic growth.

Elementary Studio

Ages 6 – 11, Timings are from 8:30 AM to 1:45 PM

At the Elementary Studio, our mission is:

  • To cultivate self-awareness and foster autonomy, by promoting reflective methods and emphasizing freedom within defined boundaries,
  • To instigate a lifelong passion for learning, achieved through a meticulously balanced educational design, and
  • To kindle unbounded curiosity by presenting learners with a diverse spectrum of challenges and enriching experiences.

A Day in the Life of the Elementary Studio

If you ever have a chance to enter the Elementary Studio, it’s immediately evident that this isn’t your typical classroom.

Instead, it’s a buzzing hub of collaboration and exploration.
Daily, learners outline their intentions, diving into a mix of self-directed tasks based on personal goals and team-driven projects that span diverse fields, each lasting for 6-week sessions.

The expansive campus offers varied environments: children might be found reading in the patio, racing in the garden, brainstorming in the common areas, whipping up creations in the kitchen, or deeply engrossed in independent work.

Additionally, they dive into stimulating Socratic discussions on everything from current affairs to culinary arts, all aimed at moulding them into decision-making heroes.

Middle School Studio

Ages 10 – 14, Timings are from 8:30 AM to 3:00 PM

In our Middle School Studio, our mission is:

  • To dive deep into individual passions, building on a commitment to rigour, hard work and integrity.
  • To enhance critical thinking and expressive writing, helping learners articulate thoughts with clarity and depth.
  • To assist learners in finding their calling, enriched by hands-on apprenticeships in the real world.

A Day in the Life of the Middle School Studio

A day at the Middle School Studio unfolds as a blend of exploration and deep reflection. Our learners delve into deep Socratic discussions several times throughout the day, regularly stepping into the roles of individuals confronted with challenging decisions.

They spend an hour and a half working on their core skills and reading deep books. The rest of the day is spent working on their hands-on Quests and Genre writing assignments.

They can also often be found visiting local businesses and doing fieldwork as part of their learning. Helping out with the Elementary Studio – guiding Eagles and taking on various responsibilities.

For Civilization, they are put in the shoes of great leaders. They delve into the circumstances surrounding pivotal moments in our history and reflect on what they would do differently knowing what they know today.

Reading and critiquing each other’s work is pivotal as part of their daily routine. Through this collaborative process, they inspire and challenge one another, striving to produce their best work to date.


Ages 14 – 18

At the Launchpad Studio, our mission is:

  • To empower Launchpadders to seek out mentors, chart their unique paths, and design visionary plans aligning with their goals.
  • To inspire them to embark on their next big adventure, be it launching groundbreaking startups or initiating impactful projects.
  • To equip them with the conviction and tools necessary to make lasting changes in the world.

A Day in the Life of the Launchpad Studio

A day in the life of a high schooler at our Launchpad will be a transformative experience tailor-made for the challenges and opportunities of the real world. Each day, our learners will actively chart their course, propelled by the freedom of self-directed learning. This isn’t the traditional classroom experience; instead, launchpadders will find themselves working shoulder-to-shoulder with professionals, gaining invaluable insights through apprenticeships and service engagements.

From their first day, learners will take the reins of their education, crafting a 4-year plan aligned with their aspirations, whether that’s higher studies or venturing into the entrepreneurial world. This isn’t just about academics; it’s about forging a strong character and virtues that act as a compass for the journey ahead.

The name “Launchpad” isn’t just symbolic. Each day, as they delve deep into their passions and explore the vast expanse of possibilities, they’re on a quest. A quest to discover their calling, to hone the belief that they aren’t just a part of this world – they have the power to change it.

The Flourish Launchpad is scheduled to launch in the Academic Year of 2026-27