Why are we doing this?

We founded Flourish out of a genuine need; we simply couldn’t find a school that felt right for our own children. Why?

Because in a decade, traditional education might render our children obsolete.
In this swiftly evolving world, do we want a generation that merely parrots facts? Or do we demand trailblazers who can adapt, problem-solve, and self-educate?

The joy of learning something new is electric. Why are most schools snuffing it out instead of fueling the fire?

How are we different?

Flourish aims to be a place for families who want to learn and do some amazing things.

We’re creating an environment for families and children who believe in the power of lifelong learning.

We cater to those who seek a deeper, more engaged educational experience. At Flourish, we aim to be exceptional in only a few things.

As such, Flourish is not for everyone.

Our values and promises

Imagine if you really knew that a child was destined to change the world. How would you change your behaviour around that child? How would you treat them?

At Flourish, we believe that every child that walks through our doors is destined to change the world in their own unique way and we make promises to them and our communities with that belief in mind.

Who inspires us?

In our journey to redefine education, we draw inspiration from visionaries who have dared to question the status quo.

Seth Godin challenges us to ponder the true purpose of schools. We’re invigorated by Acton Academy’s groundbreaking experiments in learning, showcasing the power of learner-driven systems. Sal Khan’s advocacy for mastery-based learning resonates deeply with us, while Sir Ken Robinson’s poignant insights into the stifling of creativity in conventional schools serve as a constant reminder of our mission.

Dr Sugata Mitra’s provocative question—do children really need adults to learn, or can they teach themselves?—pushes our boundaries of thought.

Guided by these luminaries, we strive daily to craft an educational experience that champions courage, empathy, and excellence, ensuring it’s relevant and resonant for our times.