We have some quick news.

This Saturday (23rd of Nov, 2019), we have been invited by The Harmony Tree Preschool in Sopan Baug to be part of a panel which discusses different board options for students passing out of preschools.

Principals of CBSE, ICSE, IB / IGSE and SSC schools will be on the panel along with us representing the large swathe of “Alternate education schools”. We’ll try our best!

Looks like a fun day and we are stoked with the opportunity to present our ideas to a large number of parents.

We will be there from 9 am to 11:30 am. So if you are still looking for answers to which board will be a good fit for your children, this may be a good event to attend. (Please note: It is a paid event. Rs. 200 / session and Rs. 750 for the whole day including refreshments & lunch).

You can find more about this here:

We got some brochures printed to share with the audience (see image up). It feels great to hold something tangible – probably the first tangible thing for the school :)

Wish us luck!