More than the syllabus and curriculum, we at Flourish aspire that our children pick up processes and systems which will make them successful in life.

Our young learners are in charge of their learning. They set their own SMART goals and try hard to achieve them.
They celebrate failure. They learn to work productively in teams – with people both older and younger than them.

From middle school onwards, our students take on real-world apprenticeships at local businesses which they secure themselves.

All of these skills and discipline will ensure that your children will not only be able to compete, but also surpass any challenge that life throws at them.

While we do not teach to an examination or an entrance test, our students have access to the best experts in any field they choose to pursue and will be assisted by us in whichever way possible.
As such, they will have the best tools and systems in place to achieve whatever they set their sights to.