A Day at Flourish

A day in our studios is marked by creativity within constraints: large blocks of time for work and play with clear but broad guardrails, equipping young people to manage their time, set goals, and track progress. As learners demonstrate their readiness, they earn more freedom and responsibility.

Mornings are reserved for Core skills and afternoons are for hands-on projects with integrated time to reflect, think deeply, and connect with peers. Within each work block, students choose from a broad range of work options based on their personal goals, passions and commitments.

We also have a blog post which talks about the day in a bit more detail.

A Day in the life of an Acton Academy

Our Learner-Driven Communities are run mostly by our students, where closely connected families of lifelong learners are bound by clear covenants; and “Learning to Do” and “Learning to Be” are even more important than “Learning to Know.”

Our Daily Schedule