Flourish School’s Children’s Business Fair

The Jan 2022 edition of the Children’s Business fair will be online.
Saturday 15th Jan 2022 from 9:30 AM to 1:00 PM

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Welcome to the Pune Children’s Business Fair – Jan 2022 hosted by the Flourish School.

This year, we take the fair online.
We first hosted this fair in Feb 2020.

If you are new to the Pune Children’s Business Fair, please see photos and our blog here.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When is the CBF happening?

Saturday, 15th of January 2022 from 9:30 AM to 1:00 PM

2. Will this fair be online or offline (in-person)?

This fair (Jan 2022) will be an online fair.

3. How can we register for this fair?

You will need to visit: https://punecbf.com and fill in your Fair Application.

There are a bunch of questions, so please have 10-15 minutes while you fill the application.
There are no charges to apply to the fair (only when you get accepted).

Once you apply, we will review your application. If accepted, you will receive an email and WhatsApp message with a link to make the payment for entry.
Once the payment is made, your entry is confirmed and you will receive further instructions.

4. How will an online fair work?

Our children entrepreneurs will get their own webpage (managed by us).
This page will contain pictures, quantities, pricing and description of the products they are selling.

The fair will have a main website – www.punecbf.com – where all our entrepreneurs and their stalls will be listed. Visitors can then go to the stall pages they like and place orders for things they want to purchase.

5. How can visitors place orders?

Visitors will use WhatsApp or Telegram to place orders directly with the entrepreneur from the website.

The entrepreneur will have to reply after confirming if the products still exist and the final price, including delivery charges.

The visitors will then be able to pay the entrepreneurs directly via a UPI QR code displayed on their booth page. Alternatively, the entrepreneurs can share other modes of payments with the visitors they prefer.

6. How will deliveries happen?

The entrepreneurs will be in charge of their deliveries. You can use either Dunzo, Swiggy Genie, Borzo Delivery (Wefast) or any other delivery service to make the deliveries. Entrepreneurs may also choose to deliver the products personally along with their parents if they prefer.

Please remember to take the exact address of the customers and their availability for deliveries.

Also, remember to calculate and add the cost of the deliveries.

7. How many children can participate in one business?

Between 1 – 3 children can participate in 1 business.

For the purpose of the competition, the age of the oldest child will be considered while slotting them in an age group.

8. How will marketing work? How will people come to the website?

Marketing will work in two ways:

  1. Just like in the offline CBF, the entrepreneurs will be in charge of promoting their business. They can contact their family, friends, relatives, society and other WhatsApp groups and ask friends and acquaintances to visit your booth on the day of the fair.These visitors will also have the opportunity to visit other businesses that they find interesting. And as such, the entire community can drive visitors to each other’s booths.
  2. We, the organisers, of the CBF, will be running advertisements on Facebook and other platforms promoting the CBF, which should drive some traffic as well.

9. Is there a limit on the number of businesses you are accepting this year?

Yes. We will be accepting only 32 businesses this year.

10. Are there any charges for participation?

Yes. Charges for participation are Rs. 400 per business once your application is accepted.

There are no charges to apply to the fair.

11. How involved can parents be?

The children should completely make the products. As parents, we should encourage our children to do as much as possible.

Please remember that the goal of this event is to make our children more independent and think through the steps required to set up and run a business.

  • What can I make that people would want to buy?
  • How can I market and advertise it?
  • How much is my cost price, and how much should I sell it to profit?

are some of the questions that we encourage our young entrepreneurs to think about.

Parents may help their children fill out the application, but we expect the children to do as much as possible by themselves.

Remember: This is a children’s business fair. The goal is to show our children what it takes to plan, market, run and execute a successful business.

12. Is there a competition?

Yes. There will also be a contest for our young entrepreneurs for the best business idea in the following age groups:

  • Ages 5 – 7
  • Ages 8 – 10
  • Ages 10 – 12
  • Ages 13 – 15

Booths will be judged on the following categories:

  1. Highest Business Potential
  2. Most Original
  3. Best Presentation

There will be prizes for each age group and category.

All participants will get a Certificate of Participation and priority entry in future Flourish School’s Children’s Business Fairs in Pune.

13. What are the age groups of the children that can participate in the fair?

Children between the ages of 5 to 15 can participate in the fair.

14. What information will be required for our website at the fair?

We will send you details later but you can expect to send us the following:

  • Pictures of the product.
  • Description and quantity of the product.
  • A short video (60 – 90 seconds) (optional) of the children explaining their booth and products.

15. Will you restrict similar products?

After a certain point, we will have a limitation on the number of booths we will allow for the same product. We cannot have 7 businesses sell only Slime. But there may be 2-3 other businesses selling similar products.

16. What products can be sold at the fair?

Any products created by the children can be sold. As this is an online fair and deliveries are involved, please ensure that the products can be packed and delivered in good condition.


Food items like baked goods, cookies, etc or anything that can be packaged neatly and has a few days worth of shelf life can be sold.
If you are unsure about anything, please contact us for clarifications.

Please avoid selling food items that may get damaged in transit or have a short shelf life (like sandwiches) which you may not be able to deliver in time.

17. Can I submit more than one business application?

Yes! Go for it.
If more than one of your applications is accepted, you can choose which one you would like to go ahead with.

You cannot have more than one booth at the fair (for obvious reasons!)

18. My question has not been answered here

Please send us an email at: [email protected] or a WhatsApp message to: +91-8830269698 and we’ll help you out!

19. What is the Flourish School?

The Flourish School is a new mixed-age, micro-school in Pune and caters to students in grades 1-12 but initially in grades 1-4.

At Flourish, entrepreneurship forms a big part of our curriculum, and with the Children’s Business Fair, we wanted to bring this to the community.

If you would like to find out more about the school, please check us out at: https://flourishschool.org

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