Do Schools Kill Creativity?

We just finished our Session 4 this Wednesday (the 21st of Dec 22) and have been blown away by how much the Eagles have done this session. From the Flourish Athens quest to their Presentations (An Idea worth Sharing) to exploring the art and styles of various artists, we have had a very full month of making things with our hands and pushing boundaries and our comfort zone when it comes to art.

Flourish + Qweebi: Mars Rover Prototype Challenge

The Flourish School + Qweebi Mars Rover Challenge We are putting together a program during the winter break. This program is open to all children (even outside of the Flourish School). This is in collaboration with Qweebi - a Singapore-based

What is school for?

We are currently right in the middle of our "Flourish Athens" quest where our young Eagles become heroes living in Ancient Greece. Using their imaginations, they enter into Flourish Athens as their chosen avatars (Greek mythological characters) and explore the city by completing challenges in different areas. For Writer's Workshop, "An Idea worth Sharing", we are learning how to create and give engaging presentations.

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